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Labour leader Keir Starmer and his shadow Cabinet are embarking on a campaign reminiscent of the 1997 elections, complete with a presidential-style pledge card. Their mission is to sell Starmer and his policies to swing voters in Essex. With boiled-down snippets from Starmer’s five missions, plus an additional focus on migration, Labour officials are eager for this campaign to be remembered as a success, unlike a certain infamous stone from years past.

The campaign begins with a flurry of media activity, including speeches from Starmer, deputy Angela Rayner, Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves, and other key figures in the shadow Cabinet. Starmer will also participate in a series of sit-down interviews with prominent television journalists like the BBC’s Chris Mason, Sky’s Beth Rigby, and GB News’ Christopher Hope.

But the campaign isn’t just about prominent figures. Shadow ministers are also encouraged to make appearances in front of broadcast cameras, amplifying their message to a wider audience. They will then join Starmer in various campaign visits across the country, engaging with members of the public. The Mirror reports that these engagements will include conversations with an NHS patient and a victim of crime.

Labour’s presidential-style campaign aims to resonate with voters, harking back to the days of New Labour and its successful pledge card strategy. As they set their sights on swing voters in Essex, Starmer and his team hope to make a lasting impression and gain support for their policies in the upcoming elections.