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Berlin, Germany — The Kaiser Friedrich, a vessel with a rich history dating back to 1886, has returned to the waters of Berlin in a new avatar. In a remarkable effort to preserve its legacy, the 138-year-old steamship has been retrofitted with an emission-free electric drive system by the pioneering electric mobility company, Torqeedo.

The Kaiser Friedrich, a twin-screw steamship that served Berlin for nearly 80 years, was decommissioned in 1967 and transformed into office and residential space. However, in 1986, the German Museum of Technology acquired the 100-ton boat and diligently restored it to its original glory. For years, the Kaiser Friedrich offered historical city tours, but the excessive diesel consumption of its engines presented ecological and economic challenges.

To address these concerns, Torqeedo’s Customized Solutions team undertook the monumental task of converting the 150-passenger vessel to electric power. Powered by twin Deep Blue 50i motors and a 400 kWh Deep Blue battery bank, the Kaiser Friedrich can now operate sustainably, saving over 150 liters of diesel per operating hour.

The revival of the Kaiser Friedrich symbolizes a turning point in the maritime industry, combining heritage preservation with modern electric mobility solutions. As the historic steamship begins its regular service on May 13, 2024, it serves as a testament to the possibilities of electrification, even for the oldest of vessels. With Torqeedo leading the way, we can look forward to a greener and more sustainable future on the water.