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Lyaness Bar, situated on the south bank of the river at Blackfriars, continues to captivate cocktail enthusiasts even after five years since its establishment by renowned mixologist Ryan Chetnewardena. This iconic bar recently made waves in the industry by being named the World’s Best Bar in the esteemed Spirited Awards. Now, with their latest cocktail menu, Lyaness Bar takes guests on an extraordinary journey through flavors.

The concept behind the new cocktail menu is centered around exploring human stories, people, places, and moments in time. The imaginative minds behind Lyaness Bar have meticulously crafted each cocktail, striving to create a sensory experience that channels these narratives. To achieve this, they have curated a pantry of ingredients that bring complexity and depth to their concoctions.

Upon our visit, we were instantly drawn to the breathtaking riverside views across to St Paul’s. Although the menu might seem intricate at first glance, our bartender effortlessly guided us through the stories behind each drink. With every sip, we were immersed in a world of flavors that unfolded with every layer.

Two standout cocktails from the menu included the Faux Fruit Sour and Golden Guide. Priced at £16.50 each, the Faux Fruit Sour showcased the exquisite blend of The Lakes Whisky and a hint of peated ingredients, delivering a harmonious balance of flavors that danced on the palate.

At Lyaness Bar, cocktails transcend mere beverages; they become a medium of storytelling. Delve into the artistry of mixology and let Lyaness Bar take you on a captivating journey – one cocktail at a time.