Building a successful team is not just about individual brilliance, but rather developing a thoughtful composition of members who can collaborate harmoniously, challenge one another, and find common ground. Doerte Hirschberg, a general partner at Climentum Capital, offers valuable advice on the timing, considerations, and potential pitfalls when it comes to expanding teams in the hard tech and software startup sectors.

While both hard tech and software startups share the objective of growth, they also face unique challenges along the way. Hirschberg emphasizes that understanding these distinctions is crucial to achieving long-term success in either field.

For hard tech startups, the timing of team growth is essential. These companies often require significant upfront investment and dedicated research and development efforts. Hirschberg advises entrepreneurs in this space to carefully assess the stage of their product development and ensure there is a solid foundation before scaling the team. This approach helps prevent costly mistakes and ensures that the necessary expertise is in place to handle unforeseen challenges.

On the other hand, software startups tend to have a more flexible growth trajectory. Rapid iterations and agile development processes are common in this domain. Hirschberg highlights the importance of not delaying team expansion in software startups, as it can hinder progress and lead to missed opportunities. Scaling the team at the right time allows these startups to capitalize on market trends and stay ahead of competitors.

Instead of using quotes, it is important to underscore that building a cohesive team is essential for success in both hard tech and software startups. By understanding the nuances of each sector and making informed decisions about team expansion, entrepreneurs can navigate the challenges and maximize the potential of their ventures.