Grey Wolf Therapeutics, a biotechnology company based in Oxfordshire, has successfully closed an oversubscribed €46 million Series B financing round. The funding expansion, led by ICG’s Life Sciences team, attracted additional investments from existing backers including Pfizer Ventures, Andera Partners, Canaan, Earlybird Venture Capital, Oxford Science Enterprises, and British Patient Capital.

The capital raised in this round will significantly enhance Grey Wolf Therapeutics’ ongoing clinical trial of GRWD5769. With the increased funds, the company aims to include patients with a wider range of tumor types in their study. Furthermore, they plan to evaluate new combination treatment cohorts to explore additional therapeutic possibilities.

This latest funding achievement marks an important milestone for Grey Wolf Therapeutics. By securing substantial financial support and the confidence of renowned investors, the company is well-positioned to progress its innovative antigen modulation therapies. The funds will not only enable the expansion of their clinical trials but also facilitate the development of new treatment options.

The breakthrough therapies developed by Grey Wolf Therapeutics have the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment by targeting specific antigens. By leveraging cutting-edge research and innovative drug development strategies, the company aims to provide effective and personalized treatments for patients with various types of cancer. With the support of the Series B financing, Grey Wolf Therapeutics is poised to make significant strides in advancing the field of oncology and improving patient outcomes.