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Sewage overflow has caused significant damage to the historic Golden Lane Estate on two separate occasions in recent weeks. The Golden Lane Estate Residents’ Association is demanding answers from the City of London Corporation (CLC), as the presence of raw sewage poses a serious health risk.

While the flooding has not been definitively linked to the ailments experienced by staff members at The Shakespeare pub, it cannot be ignored as a potential cause.

The CLC has issued an apology to the affected residents and stated that they had dispatched contractors to resolve the issue and clear the blockage.

Initial concerns regarding the sewage floods were brought to the attention of the CLC, who acts as the site’s freeholder, on May 21st. It wasn’t until Councilor Ceri Wilkins, a resident of the estate, intervened that any action was taken. Wilkins expressed frustration with a letter distributed by the CLC on May 31st, which seemingly shifted blame onto residents by citing wet wipes as the cause of the flooding. However, the recurrent blockage that occurred last weekend suggests that inadequate maintenance is the true underlying issue.

In light of these recurring incidents and the potential health hazards they present, the residents are seeking transparency and accountability from the CLC. It is vital that comprehensive measures are put in place to prevent further sewage overflow and protect the wellbeing of those living in the Golden Lane Estate.