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In a significant policy shift, Germany and the United States have joined forces to expand Ukraine’s authorization to defend itself against Russian attacks. As Ukraine’s depleted troops continue to lose ground in the ongoing conflict, this change in policy comes as a welcome relief.

Believing that there were restrictions on the use of Western weapons, Ukrainian officials expressed their frustration. The recent Russian onslaught in the Kharkiv border region has pushed Ukraine’s forces to their limits, leaving them outgunned and outnumbered. The capital city of Kharkiv, situated just 20 km from Russia, has been particularly affected, with Russian ballistic missiles causing significant destruction, including the loss of lives.

To address this dire situation, the German government has approved the use of weapons it supplies to Ukraine. The authorization allows Ukrainian forces to target positions just beyond the border, from where Russia launches its attacks on Kharkiv. In a similar move, President Joe Biden of the United States has also granted Kyiv the green light to defend itself with American weapons against Russian military assets targeting the region. This joint support from Germany and the U.S. marks a turning point in Ukraine’s ability to retaliate effectively.

In response to these expanded authorizations, Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy head of Russia’s Security Council, has warned of devastating consequences for Ukraine and its NATO allies. Tensions remain high as the conflict unfolds, but Ukraine now has a broader scope to protect itself from Russian aggression. The international community’s backing provides hope for a more balanced and fair defense for Ukraine in this challenging time.