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Former head of the police complaints watchdog, Michael Lockwood, is now on trial for alleged sexual offences against two teenage girls over 30 years ago. The charges include indecent assault, rape, and further counts of indecent assault. The defendant, 65, from Epsom, Surrey, has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

According to the prosecution, both victims, who were 14 years old at the time, claim to have been attacked by Mr Lockwood while he worked as a lifeguard at a leisure centre in the Hull area of East Yorkshire. The court also heard that the defendant was employed as a senior auditor at Humberside County Council during the same period and was significantly older than one of the alleged victims.

Prosecutor Jonathan Polnay KC remarked on the power imbalance inherent in the case, noting the differences in age, financial status, experience, and authority between the accused and the girls. The court was informed that Mr Lockwood would walk with one of the victims after dark and even kissed her in this context. It was further mentioned that he would provide her with transportation home from the leisure centre.

The trial will continue as evidence is presented and witnesses testify. The proceedings will play a vital role in determining the truth of the allegations and delivering justice in this historic case.