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San Diego-based startup, fluidIQ, has been granted the opportunity to present its groundbreaking respiratory technology at the esteemed American Thoracic Society’s (ATS) Respiratory Innovation Summit (RIS). The event, set to take place on Saturday, May 18th in San Diego, California, will serve as a platform for fluidIQ to share its revolutionary fluidics-based respiratory solutions.

With the endorsement of the NIH Director’s Blog, which described their technology as “game-changing,” fluidIQ’s President and Co-Founder, Teresa Barnes, expressed her excitement and gratitude for being selected to participate in such a prestigious event. The company aims to redefine emergency respiratory care with their innovative approach.

Through their extensive research and development efforts, fluidIQ has created a USB flash drive-sized device that provides efficient and effective respiratory support. The compact and user-friendly design allows medical professionals to easily administer life-saving care in emergency situations. This breakthrough technology has the potential to revolutionize the medical industry, particularly in environments where traditional ventilators are not readily available.

The ATS Respiratory Innovation Summit serves as a crucial platform for industry leaders to showcase their latest advancements in respiratory care. By presenting their poster at this event, fluidIQ aims to gain valuable exposure and potentially forge collaborations with key stakeholders in the medical community. With their groundbreaking technology, fluidIQ is primed to make a significant impact on the field of respiratory care and improve patient outcomes worldwide.