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Fisker, the once-promising electric vehicle startup, continues to encounter hurdles as it grapples with layoffs and other obstacles. With reports surfacing of yet another round of job cuts, the company’s future appears even more uncertain.

In a bid to conserve resources and navigate funding difficulties, Fisker made the difficult decision to lay off employees across several departments, including IT, Purchasing, and Customer Relations. The exact number of individuals impacted remains undisclosed, but it is evident that Fisker is undergoing a substantial downsizing process.

However, these layoffs are merely a reflection of deeper issues plaguing the company. Fisker has struggled extensively to secure sufficient funding, hindering its progress and impeding its ability to deliver vehicles to eager customers. Despite ongoing discussions with potential investors, Fisker has yet to achieve the desired results.

Further complicating matters, Fisker’s manufacturing partner, Magna, recently halted production of the Ocean SUV for reasons undisclosed. This unexpected setback has forced Fisker to reevaluate its delivery timeline and adds to the mounting challenges the company faces.

In a bold effort to generate revenue, Fisker has been exploring a shift in its sales strategy. The company is considering transitioning from direct sales to a dealer partnership model. While this move aims to broaden Fisker’s market reach, it also carries the risk of alienating early adopters who were drawn to the direct-to-consumer approach.

With each obstacle encountered, Fisker’s uphill battle becomes steeper. The company urgently needs to find a path forward, securing the necessary funding and resolving production issues, if it hopes to realize its vision of producing innovative electric vehicles that captivate the market.