In today’s digital age, connectivity plays a crucial role in our daily lives. When searching for a new home, it’s important to consider the broadband and mobile signal availability in the area. Property reference PGA00001, listed by Home Made – Southwark, provides valuable information on these factors.

Broadband availability and predicted speed are key considerations for potential homeowners or tenants. The speed of a broadband connection is measured in megabits per second and indicates how fast the connection is. Instead of relying on quotes, the information sourced from Ofcom on November 6, 2023, provides an overview of the different broadband speed predictions:

– Basic: Up to 30 Mbit/s
– Super-fast: Between 30 Mbit/s and 300 Mbit/s
– Ultra-fast: Over 300 Mbit/s

It’s important to note that these readings are based on the highest predicted speed of any major broadband network, and they are subject to change. The data is updated regularly, and though they are predicted, they should not be regarded as guaranteed.

In addition to broadband, mobile phone signal availability and predicted strength are also essential factors. The information obtained from Ofcom on November 6, 2023, can provide insights into this aspect. However, it is crucial to remember that mobile signal predictions are subject to various environmental factors and may vary based on individual devices.

Considering the importance of connectivity in our daily lives, it is prudent for individuals to explore the broadband and mobile signal availability in a property area before making a housing decision. By researching and utilizing the resources available, potential buyers or tenants can make informed choices about their future homes.