When searching for a new property, one of the essential factors to consider is connectivity. The ability to access reliable broadband and have a strong mobile signal can significantly impact our daily lives.

Traditionally, property listings have focused on factors such as location, price, and amenities. However, recently, some platforms, like, have started providing additional information regarding connectivity. This valuable data helps potential buyers or renters make an informed decision.

Through partnerships with regulatory bodies like Ofcom, incorporates supplementary data into its property listings. This includes information about broadband availability and predicted speed, as well as mobile phone signal availability and predicted strength.

Broadband speed measurements are given in megabits per second (Mbit/s), indicating the connection’s speed. The readings fall into three categories: Basic (up to 30 Mbit/s), Super-fast (between 30 Mbit/s and 300 Mbit/s), and Ultra-fast (over 300 Mbit/s). It is important to note that these readings are predictions and not guarantees.

Similarly, the availability and predicted strength of mobile phone signals are provided. This information helps individuals assess the quality of mobile network coverage in a particular area.

The inclusion of this connectivity data in property listings is a significant step forward. It enables prospective buyers or renters to determine whether a property will meet their digital needs. Consequently, individuals can make informed decisions and avoid potential frustrations with poor connectivity.

As we become increasingly reliant on technology in our daily lives, the importance of connectivity continues to grow. Thanks to platforms like, the process of finding a well-connected property has become a little easier. With access to detailed information about broadband and mobile signal availability, individuals can now ensure that their new home meets their digital needs.