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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of electronic music with the latest release from Ellen Allien and BPitch Berlin. The seventh installment of the ‘We Are Not Alone’ compilation series is now available, offering a vibrant collection of tracks that showcases the diverse talent and energy of the underground music scene.

Titled ‘We Are Not Alone Pt. 7’, this compilation is the first of three releases scheduled for this year. It serves as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of electronic music, bringing together a roster of artists whose contributions span various genres and geographical locations.

Leading the album is none other than Ellen Allien herself, with her distinctive track, ‘Kyiv’. The compilation further explores international flavors with the inclusion of Swedish duo Andree Bohlin and Billie Jo, as well as Warsaw-based producer Sept. DJ Physical’s ‘Scary Night’ injects a thrilling sense of darkness into the mix, while New York-based WTCHCRFT and Rhys Fulber bring their unique sonic signatures to the table.

Taking the global influence even further, ‘We Are Not Alone Pt. 7’ features tracks from Galaxian’s Naix, Lucinee from Berlin, REÄKTTOR from Colombia, and the mesmerizing ‘Stargazer’ by Under Black Helmet.

Through this compilation, the flourishing underground electronic music scene is given a platform to shine, as it effortlessly reflects the collective energy and spirit of the events that inspired it.

Prepare to be transported into a world of eclectic soundscapes. Experience the magic of ‘We Are Not Alone Pt. 7’ by giving it a listen below and grabbing your own copy today.

Listen to ‘We Are Not Alone Pt. 7’ below and grab your copy here.