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Prepare to be mesmerized as you step into Scarfes, an alluring bar where sauntering replaces walking. The Rosewood’s impeccable and eccentric decor sets the stage for a sultry and enchanting evening. The dim lighting casts a sensual glow, illuminating the red velvet and bronze details that adorn the space.

As we settle into a cozy corner, we become captivated by the scene unfolding before us. London’s elite gather, sipping on exquisite cocktails while the gentle hum of conversation intertwines with the jazz covers performed by the duet, creating a truly cinematic ambiance. The menu beckons with its exciting and enticing offerings, and the knowledgeable waitstaff is ready to guide us through this gustatory journey.

Although a mezcal margarita is usually my go-to, the Lost Marguerite catches my attention with its herbaceous and fruity mezcal, invigorated by the flavors of hot mango and kaffir lime. And let’s not forget the sizable ice cube that adds a touch of drama to the presentation.

Unveiling the delights of the menu one by one, another favorite emerges: the Smoky Maria. This twist on the classic Bloody Mary surprises the palate with its umami-infused marmite essence, perfectly complemented by a delectable caper leaf. Each bite transforms the taste of the cocktail, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

Scarfes, with its reimagined classic cocktails and dainty nibbles, is a haven of indulgence. Prepare to be enchanted as you embark on a culinary adventure, where flavors and ambience merge to create an evening that will linger in your memory long after the last sip.