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The energy landscape in Europe is undergoing a tumultuous period, leading to soaring electricity prices and a decline in manufacturing. In the midst of this crisis, trawa, a Berlin-based renewable energy supplier, is taking the lead in simplifying energy purchasing and management for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

With a recent seed round funding of €10 million, led by Balderton Capital and with participation from AENU, Speedinvest, Magnetic, and TinyVC, trawa is poised to expand its AI technology and revolutionize the way customers purchase and consume energy. This funding round brings trawa’s total raised capital to over €12 million.

The European energy crisis has had a profound impact on industries across the continent. Electricity prices in Europe are currently two to three times higher than in the United States, making long-term planning and sustainability challenging for businesses. Manufacturing in the Eurozone has been in decline for the past two years, with April’s demand exacerbating the situation further. German industry, in particular, has seen a 1.5% decline in production due to the drastic price fluctuations in the energy sector.

Recognizing the growing desire among companies to transition to green energy sources, trawa was founded to address the complexity and trust issues surrounding renewable energy solutions. The company’s AI technology aims to simplify the energy purchasing process, making it more accessible and reliable for SMEs. By building a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions, trawa aims to transform the way businesses source and consume energy, ultimately contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

As Europe grapples with its energy crisis, trawa’s innovative approach offers hope for businesses seeking to embrace renewable energy solutions. By providing a user-friendly platform and fostering trust in green energy sources, trawa is empowering SMEs to take charge of their energy consumption and make sustainable choices, even in turbulent times.