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Eleven Israeli companies have been honored in Notable Capital’s “Rising in Cyber 2024” list, which features the most promising cyber companies serving the United States market. The list is a collaboration between Notable Capital and industry leaders such as the New York Stock Exchange, Fenwick, and HSBC Innovation Banking.

The Israeli honorees include Astrix Security, Cyera, Drata, Descope, Gomboc, Island, Grip Security, Oligo, Orca Security, Wing Security, and Wiz. These companies were selected based on their track record of effectively addressing critical challenges faced by security teams.

Israel has gained recognition as a major player in providing cybersecurity solutions, despite global cyber threats impacting many countries. The maturation process of the Israeli cybersecurity market is evident through the diversity of offerings showcased in the “Rising in Cyber 2024” list.

One notable example of Israel’s influence in the cybersecurity sector is Claroty, a startup valued at $2.5 billion. The company recently secured $100 million in funding and has announced plans for an IPO on a major American stock exchange. This success further solidifies Israel’s position as a hub for innovative cybersecurity solutions.

The selection process for the “Rising in Cyber 2024” list involved the participation of over 100 executives from top-tier companies like Amazon and Netflix, who nominated and evaluated approximately 200 companies. This collaborative effort highlights the recognition and interest these industry leaders have in the Israeli cybersecurity market.

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, these eleven Israeli companies are at the forefront of developing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that aim to protect businesses and individuals in the United States and beyond. Their inclusion in this prestigious list serves as a testament to the remarkable innovation and ingenuity emerging from the Startup Nation.