Donna, an innovative AI-based assistant catering to sales professionals, has recently secured €1.6 million in funding from prominent investors across the United States and Europe. The round of investments includes renowned names such as Pitchdrive | Early-stage VC, Everywhere Ventures, Fortino Capital, Syndicate One, and welovefounders, alongside notable angel investors.

Addressing a significant hurdle faced by sales professionals constantly on the move, Donna enables them to focus on sales rather than getting caught up in administrative tasks. The challenge lies in swiftly and accurately capturing important information into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, amid frequent prospecting or customer visits.

With the recent funding, Donna aims to further enhance its capabilities and expand its reach. The AI-assistant streamlines the process by automating data entry, allowing sales professionals to effortlessly update their CRM systems. By eliminating the need for manual data input, Donna optimizes efficiency, accuracy, and saves valuable time.

The empowering technology behind Donna is poised to redefine sales professionals’ daily workflow, enabling them to allocate more energy towards forging meaningful connections and closing deals. By revolutionizing the way information is captured and organized, Donna is revolutionizing sales efficiency and productivity.