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Did you know that Croydon, a bustling suburb of London, once stood as a thriving aviation hub? In fact, Croydon Airport held the title of the world’s biggest flight hub and pioneered the UK’s first international flights. However, as time passed and progress swept through the skies, Croydon Airport’s prominence faded into the forgotten pages of history. So, what unfolded for this once glorious airport?

Established in 1920, Croydon Airport held the distinction of being Britain’s inaugural international airport. Its significance soared during World War II, but tragedy struck in 1940 when it fell victim to one of London’s early bombing raids. This assault resulted in the destruction of numerous buildings and marked a significant turning point for the airport.

The closure of Croydon Airport was ultimately sealed in 1958 when the focus shifted towards the development of Heathrow and Gatwick airports. Although abandoned, a glimmer of the airport’s past has been resurrected in the form of a museum. Today, curious visitors can explore the remnants of the once bustling flight terminal, including the enchanting control tower and nostalgic arrivals hall. Regrettably, the airfields have long since been replaced by other structures.

Venturing into the Croydon Airport Visitor Centre is a truly unique experience, offering a glimpse into the aviation history of a bygone era. Best of all, admission is free, with an optional £8 donation to support the center’s preservation efforts. However, due to its limited opening hours, pre-booking tickets is highly recommended. The next opportunity to unravel the untold stories of Croydon Airport will be on July 7, with tickets available for purchase starting this weekend (June 23). Don’t miss your chance to embark on this extraordinary journey into the past.

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