Europe’s venture capital (VC) industry continues to evolve and flourish, offering exciting opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs. With a deep commitment to fostering innovation, European VC firms, accelerators, and corporate investors are key players in the global startup ecosystem.

As the tech scene in Europe continues to expand, a comprehensive database of VC firms, accelerators, and corporate investors becomes indispensable. To address this need, our team is diligently working on an extensive database that will serve as a valuable resource for startups seeking funding. The database, set to launch in mid-July, will provide entrepreneurs with a comprehensive overview of Europe’s vibrant VC landscape.

While we eagerly await the database’s release, we encourage you to submit your VC firm or accelerator for inclusion. By contributing to this initiative, you will ensure that your organization is recognized and accessible to the thriving startup community. This opportunity allows you to connect with ambitious entrepreneurs and potentially uncover promising investment prospects.

Our aim is to create an inclusive platform that highlights the diverse range of opportunities available across Europe. From London to Berlin, Paris to Stockholm, European cities are hubs of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. By mapping the VC firms and accelerators in these regions, we aim to support the growth and success of startups across the continent.

Embracing innovation and collaboration, European VC firms, accelerators, and corporate investors are shaping the future of technology and entrepreneurship. With the upcoming release of our comprehensive database, entrepreneurs and investors alike will have a powerful tool at their disposal to navigate the thriving European startup ecosystem.