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London offers a multitude of breathtaking walking routes, taking you through picturesque green spaces, along the River Thames, and beyond. Recently, the city’s walking routes have received even more attention with the unveiling of the ‘Greenground’ map, highlighting the cycling and footpaths, as well as the launch of a remarkable 15-mile route through central London by TfL.

But, hold on to your hats, because Londoners now have another exceptional walking trail to explore. Introducing the North to South London Trail, an awe-inspiring journey that begins in Cockfosters, in the far north of London, and winds its way through various captivating parks such as Oak Hill and Broomfield Park, ultimately reaching the scenic New River. From there, the route takes you towards iconic landmarks like Alexandra Palace and Highgate Wood, before leading you to bustling Baker Street and over the river to Battersea. Finally, the trail concludes in the leafy paradise of Carlshalton.

Now, let’s talk about the magnitude of this trail. Brace yourself, as the North to South London Trail spans an impressive 34 miles. To put it into perspective, if you walk at a moderate pace of one mile every 15 minutes, it would take you approximately eight and a half hours to complete the entire trail.

The masterminds behind this remarkable route, Emily Morrison and Lucy Maddison, encountered numerous challenges in designing a path that encompassed central London. However, their perseverance and dedication have resulted in a trail that promises breathtaking views, hidden gems, and unforgettable experiences along the way. Lace up your boots, grab a map, and embark on this extraordinary journey – the North to South London Trail awaits your discovery.