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More than 100 enchanting gardens spread across 12 diverse London boroughs are inviting the public to revel in their beauty for an entire weekend. This captivating event, known as London Open Gardens, grants access to the capital’s hidden gems, including private, secret, and lesser-known green spaces. Celebrating its remarkable 25th year, the event showcases London’s verdant lungs, emphasizing the commitment of London Parks & Gardens to preserve these havens for the enjoyment of all.

Originally conceived as an initiative to unlock the gates of iconic London squares in the western part of the city, London Open Gardens has now evolved into a magnificent platform encompassing a plethora of breathtaking sites. Visitors can explore an array of green spaces, ranging from serene rooftop gardens and historically significant institutions to vibrant community allotments.

Prepare to be captivated, as these stunning gardens offer much more than just visual pleasure. Some locations will engage visitors with immersive activities, while others will host plant sales and refreshment stalls to satisfy both horticultural enthusiasts and leisure seekers.

Procuring a ticket for this extraordinary event is not only an opportunity to bask in the splendor of the gardens but also an investment in the protection of these natural sanctuaries. With ticket sales funding the management of numerous planning applications that could potentially affect public parks each year, London Open Gardens ensures the preservation of these cherished spaces for generations to come.

Do not miss this chance to unlock the gates to London’s secret oases. Tickets are available at £22 for individuals over the age of 25, £11 for those under 25, and free for children below the age of 12. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of London’s green havens and embark on a journey of horticultural wonder like no other.