Energy technology startup, Delta Green, has announced a major milestone with the finalization of a substantial €2.2 million investment. This funding, led by Tilia Impact Ventures, in collaboration with Credo Ventures and Purple Ventures, marks an important step towards Delta Green’s mission to be at the forefront of innovation in household energy across Europe.

Delta Green’s co-founder, Jan Hicl, expressed the company’s ambitious vision, stating, “We aspire to be the driving force in revolutionizing household energy in Europe, and this remarkable investment signifies a significant stride towards achieving that goal.”

With this substantial injection of capital, Delta Green is poised to accelerate its efforts in developing cutting-edge technologies that will shape the future of energy consumption. Their aim is to create sustainable solutions that not only benefit households but also contribute to the overall reduction of carbon emissions.

By harnessing the power of technology and innovation, Delta Green aims to provide European homeowners with accessible, efficient, and eco-friendly energy solutions. Their commitment to catalyzing change in the household energy sector aligns with the growing demand for sustainable alternatives.

The €2.2 million investment not only validates Delta Green’s potential but also represents a vote of confidence from venture capitalists who share the company’s vision for a greener future. Delta Green is in an excellent position to pioneer advancements in the household energy landscape, bringing us closer to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world.