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Crowdworks AI, a prominent player in South Korea’s AI industry, is set to make its mark at VIVATECH 2024, Europe’s premier startup and tech event. This marks the company’s second consecutive year of participation, demonstrating its commitment to expanding its presence in the European market and fostering international collaborations.

VIVATECH has established itself as a hub for startups, investors, buyers, and media organizations, creating an invaluable platform for the exchange of cutting-edge tech trends. In the previous year, the event witnessed an overwhelming response, drawing in more than 150,000 attendees and showcasing over 2,800 promising tech startups. Crowdworks AI recognizes the significance of this event as an opportunity to showcase its prowess in the field of AI and explore potential avenues for collaboration.

As an AI startup, Crowdworks AI has played a pivotal role in advancing South Korea’s AI industry. The company has collaborated with major South Korean IT firms, including Naver’s HyperCLOVA X and LG EXAONE, to develop robust training data for its LLMs (Language Model Models). Additionally, Crowdworks AI has actively contributed to the establishment of national-level data standards, further enhancing the reliability of AI-ready data. With a global client base of 500 organizations, the company has spearheaded the development of trustworthy AI technology in South Korea.

At VIVATECH 2024, Crowdworks AI plans to showcase its innovative AI solutions and present real-world use cases, focusing on enterprise custom LLMs. These case studies will particularly highlight the application of AI in the healthcare and retail sectors, underlining the company’s ability to deliver tailored AI solutions to address industry-specific challenges.

By participating in VIVATECH 2024, Crowdworks AI aims to solidify its position as a world-class AI startup and expand its network of international partnerships. With its impressive track record and dedication to pushing the boundaries of AI technology, Crowdworks AI is poised to make a lasting impact at this prestigious event.