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Coatbridge duo Craig Murphy and Ciaran McAdam have their eyes set on the Hyrox World Championships in June following their impressive victory in the Berlin leg of the competition. The talented pair recorded a remarkable time of 53.35, securing the top position in the 30-39 men’s open doubles age group and finishing four seconds ahead of their closest rivals.

Hyrox, a demanding competition, involves participants repeatedly completing a 1km run and workout. For this particular leg, the competitors had the opportunity to showcase their skills on the runway of the renowned Tempelhof Airport. Despite being relatively new to the Hyrox scene, both 32-year-old Murphy and McAdam have been diligently training for the upcoming World Championships in Nice, France.

Reflecting on their triumph, Murphy expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I’m buzzing. In terms of Hyrox experience, we’re still relatively newbies. We’ve been consistently training for about eight months, which is considerably shorter compared to the seasoned elite athletes who dominate the Hyrox circuit.”

Their outstanding performance in Berlin not only secured them victory but also qualified them for the highly anticipated World Championships in June. Murphy and McAdam are eager to continue their dedicated preparation and strive for success in the upcoming event.

With their commendable achievement, the duo demonstrates that hard work, determination, and commitment can yield fruitful outcomes, even in the face of experienced competitors. The Hyrox World Championships will be an exciting arena to witness Murphy and McAdam’s progress as they compete on an international stage against some of the finest athletes in the world.