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In a highly anticipated match-up set to take place at the Uber Arena in Berlin, tensions escalated as clashes broke out between Turkish hooligans and Greek fans ahead of the EuroLeague Final Four in basketball.

Eyewitnesses on the scene reported the unfolding chaos, recounting the presence of around 100 Fenerbahce hooligans who approached the venue as a united force and forcefully broke through railings. As they made their way towards the stands, Panathinaikos fans, along with Olympiakos supporters, were waiting to enter.

Attempting to restore order, local law enforcement quickly intervened, making several arrests as the violent confrontation intensified. The clashes reached a boiling point when Fenerbahce fans physically assaulted Greek supporters, leading to a swift response from the authorities.

Highlighting the significance of the upcoming matches, Panathinaikos, under the guidance of Turkish coach Ergin Ataman, is slated to face off against Fenerbahce. Meanwhile, in a highly anticipated rematch from last season’s final, Olympiakos will go head-to-head with defending champions Real Madrid.

As basketball enthusiasts eagerly await the thrilling showdowns scheduled for the EuroLeague Final Four, the unfortunate clashes between rival fans serve as a stark reminder of the intensity and passion that can sometimes spill over into violence in the world of sports. Nonetheless, the stage is set for an exciting display of talent and competition as these elite teams vie for the highly coveted championship title.