Chift, the trailblazing provider of unified APIs for seamless business software integrations, has successfully raised an impressive €2.3 million in funding from major investment firms and visionary business angels. The funding round, spearheaded by Entourage, and garnered support from Shapers, as well as early investor Seeder Fund.

Gauthier Henroz, the esteemed Founder & CEO of Chift, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming interest received during the fundraising process and conveyed confidence in the chosen investors who align with their vision. “By selecting investors who not only possess expertise and extensive networks but also resonate with our core values and aspirations, we have set the stage for a truly remarkable journey,” he stated.

Chift’s groundbreaking API solutions have been empowering businesses to streamline their operations seamlessly, enabling effortless software integrations across various platforms. This investment will further propel Chift’s mission to revolutionize the way companies connect their essential software systems.

With this significant funding, Chift is poised to accelerate its growth trajectory, ensuring more businesses can leverage their unified APIs to unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and innovation. The backing of prominent investment firms and business angels solidifies Chift’s position as an industry frontrunner and reinforces their commitment towards empowering the future of business software integrations.

In a landscape where integration is paramount, Chift’s funding achievement is a testament to the growing demand for powerful API solutions that bridge the gap between disparate software platforms. As Chift continues to expand its offerings and attract strategic partnerships, businesses can look forward to a future where seamless software integration is the norm, fostering collaboration, and propelling success.