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Berlin’s highly popular Euro 2024 fan zones, known for attracting enthusiastic crowds to watch matches, will be closed temporarily due to severe weather conditions, according to organizers. Germany’s weather service has issued an alert predicting heavy rain, thunderstorms, and hail in the wider area surrounding the capital later today. With no matches scheduled in Berlin on Tuesday, fans had planned to gather at the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag areas to watch the Georgia vs Turkey match in Dortmund before the evening game in Leipzig featuring Portugal and the Czech Republic.

In light of the extreme weather warning, the safety of visitors has been deemed the utmost priority. Moritz van Duelmen, representing the organizers Kulturprojekt Berlin, emphasized the need to prioritize public safety over the spectacle of the fan zones. The closure of the fan zones aims to prevent any potential risks that may arise from the adverse weather conditions.

Although disappointed fans will have to find alternative ways to enjoy the matches, the decision to temporarily close the fan zones reflects the responsible and proactive approach of the organizers. They remain committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for supporters, ensuring that the highly anticipated fan zones will re-open on Wednesday.