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Supermarket giant Asda has unveiled an ambitious plan to redevelop a ten-acre site adjacent to its current Western Road superstore in Park Royal. The proposal, subject to approval by Brent Council, aims to create a vibrant mixed-use development that will serve as a new “town centre” for the area. Asda’s vision includes the establishment of a flagship shop spanning 60,000 square feet, accompanied by ample parking space for up to 400 vehicles.

To bring this project to life, Asda has partnered with renowned developer Barratt London. The plan envisions the construction of approximately 1,500 new homes on the brownfield site, with 500 units designated as affordable housing. Asda further aims to integrate the housing development seamlessly with its supermarket by building a landscaped podium above the store, on which a significant number of flats will be situated.

One standout feature of the redevelopment project is its commitment to sustainability. The housing development will be entirely car-free, aligning with Asda’s eco-friendly approach. To cater to the growing demand for electric vehicles, the supermarket car park will be equipped with new EV charging stations.

In addition to housing and retail, this ambitious project will introduce a range of amenities. Asda envisions the creation of various shops, restaurants, and health and wellness facilities within the new town centre. This initiative marks a significant milestone for Asda, as the development in Park Royal represents one of the company’s largest endeavors of this kind.

While the proposal is yet to receive approval, Asda’s vision for the future of Park Royal shows a remarkable commitment to urban regeneration and community development.