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Berlin police have recently reported an act of vandalism on a Jewish memorial in the neighborhood of Steglitz. The incident took place on Saturday afternoon, when police officers discovered paint smeared on the monument located at Hermann-Ehlers-Platz. Although the details of the political content remain undisclosed, the lettering on the mirror surface of the memorial was made illegible.

Given the historical significance of the Steglitz memorial, which honors the Jewish residents of Berlin-Steglitz who perished in concentration and extermination camps, authorities have intensified their efforts to investigate the incident. The State Security Police of the State Criminal Police Office has taken charge of the ongoing investigation, suspecting an act of extremism behind the defacement.

This incident adds to a concerning trend of Holocaust monument vandalism in Germany. Just last year, unidentified individuals drew swastikas on a concrete slab of Berlin’s Holocaust memorial. In another case of destruction, a Holocaust memorial dedicated to LGBTQ+ victims was damaged by arson. Moreover, acts of antisemitism are not solely limited to Germany, as evidenced by the vandalization of the Shoah Memorial in France earlier this year, which commemorates the courageous individuals who saved Jews during the Holocaust.

The rise in antisemitism in Germany is a cause for alarm. It is vital for society to condemn such acts of hatred and protect the memory of those who suffered during one of history’s darkest chapters. By raising awareness and promoting education about the Holocaust, communities can work towards combating antisemitism and ensuring that such acts of vandalism do not go unpunished.