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Ampere Computing LLC, the chip startup backed by Oracle Corp., has announced a collaboration with Qualcomm Inc. that could shake up the artificial intelligence (AI) computing industry. Traditionally dominated by Nvidia Corp., Ampere and Qualcomm are joining forces to create cutting-edge computer equipment for AI applications.

The partnership aims to combine Ampere’s high-performance microprocessors with Qualcomm’s accelerator chips, which specialize in handling the massive amounts of data required for AI models. In addition, Ampere has revealed plans to launch a new processor next year with a record-breaking 256 cores, which is set to revolutionize AI processing capabilities.

This collaboration signifies a significant move by Ampere and Qualcomm to challenge Nvidia’s stronghold in the AI infrastructure market. As the demand for AI technology grows, chipmakers are competing to capture a larger portion of the market, which has primarily been dominated by Nvidia.

Ampere’s processors will be integrated with Qualcomm’s AI 100 Ultra products in servers produced by Super Micro Computer Inc. These servers are designed to optimize AI inference work, such as image and voice recognition. By offering superior performance at a lower cost, this alternative server solution provides a more accessible option for those seeking AI computing power without the long wait times typically associated with Nvidia’s products.

With this partnership, Ampere Computing and Qualcomm have positioned themselves as formidable contenders in the AI computing industry. Their innovative approach and commitment to providing cost-effective solutions could potentially disrupt the market and offer customers more choice in AI hardware.