Alinia AI, a groundbreaking alignment platform, has recently secured €2.2 million in pre-seed funding. The funding round was led by Speedinvest and Precursor Ventures, with participation from Kfund and notable angels.

The core concern of Alinia AI is to address the challenges faced by companies when deploying generative AI. While this technology holds immense potential, many enterprises are wary of the risks associated with it. Instances of generative AI applications going rogue and causing reputational damage have left business leaders worried.

With this funding, Alinia AI aims to develop a safe and controlled environment for businesses to leverage generative AI. By ensuring that the technology is production-ready and reliable, the company seeks to alleviate the concerns of enterprise leaders.

“Avoiding reputational harm is a top priority for businesses when it comes to deploying generative AI,” said Ariadna (Ari) Font Llitjós, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Alinia. With their alignment platform, Alinia AI aims to provide companies with the necessary tools to safely harness the power of generative AI, allowing them to navigate the technology landscape with confidence.

Through this funding, Alinia AI hopes to further refine its platform and expand its capabilities, offering a comprehensive solution for the deployment of generative AI applications. With their focus on reliability and risk management, Alinia AI strives to become a trusted partner for businesses venturing into the world of generative AI.