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German tennis star Alexander Zverev is set to appeal a €450,000 fine for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend. While the court proceedings are scheduled to begin in Berlin, Zverev has decided to continue competing in the French Open. Expressing his faith in the German legal system, the World No 4 has chosen not to appear in person at the trial.

Zverev’s alleged victim, on the other hand, has been invited to testify at the trial’s commencement, which will extend till mid-July. The court has described the incident as Zverev having “briefly choked his then-partner with both hands during an argument” in Berlin back in May 2020. The alleged victim experienced breathing difficulties and significant pain as a result.

Despite the impending legal proceedings, Zverev has showcased his exceptional sportspersonship on the court. In a remarkable display of skill, he defeated Rafael Nadal in the first round of the French Open, capturing global attention and displaying his dedication to the sport.

As the tennis star simultaneously deals with the legal dispute and competes in prestigious tournaments, many speculate about the impact this case will have on his career and personal reputation. Yet, Zverev’s decision to appeal the fine demonstrates his commitment to seeking a fair resolution within the boundaries of the legal system.