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Despite receiving initial marketing approval from the Ministry of Health and establishing itself as a prominent player in the cultured meat industry, Israeli startup Aleph Farms is downsizing its workforce. Approximately 30 employees, accounting for 30% of the company’s staff, will be affected by the layoffs.

The decision comes as Aleph Farms struggles to secure substantial investments and faces a decline in investor interest in the alternative protein and cultivated meat sectors. These challenges have forced the company to reevaluate its strategic plans and trim its expenses.

The difficulties faced by Aleph Farms are not isolated, but rather reflect a broader trend in the global alternative protein market. Recently, there has been a significant decrease in investments within this sector, particularly in Israel. The country has experienced a substantial drop in funding due to political and security instability, leading to a flight of investors.

The decline in investments in alternative protein companies in Israel has been staggering, with an 80% decrease in 2023 compared to a 45% global decrease. This downturn has posed significant challenges for Aleph Farms and other companies operating in the industry.

While Aleph Farms had anticipated significant expansion and success this year, they must adapt to the challenging market conditions. By implementing workforce reductions and carefully managing expenses, the company aims to navigate these obstacles and continue contributing to the evolution of the cultured meat industry.