German deeptech startup, alcemy, recently secured €9.2 million in funding to accelerate the development and implementation of its groundbreaking solution to decarbonize cement production. The funding round, led by Norrsken VC, also saw participation from prominent climate investors such as Galvanize Climate Solutions and AENU.

Alcemy’s ambitious goal is to combat the significant carbon dioxide emissions attributed to the cement and concrete industry, which accounts for approximately 5-8% of global CO2 emissions. With this new investment, the startup aims to expedite its research and development efforts while simultaneously preparing to enter the United States market and other international markets by 2024.

Leopold Spenner, CEO and co-founder of alcemy, expressed the company’s determination to collaborate with cement manufacturers in order to achieve a sustainable and environmentally-friendly cement industry. Spenner outlined the company’s vision, highlighting the urgent need for decarbonization.

By securing this substantial funding round, alcemy is poised to revolutionize the cement industry through technological innovation and research. The startup’s solution promises to address one of the major challenges in combating climate change while opening up opportunities for a more sustainable future. With the support of investors who prioritize climate action, alcemy is well-positioned to bring about real change in the fight against CO2 emissions in cement production.