Welcome to a revolutionary concept in rental living. Enclave: Croydon presents an unparalleled experience with its brand-new, all-inclusive Studio and 1-bedroom apartments. With 817 tech-enabled units spread across 50 stories, this haven not only offers a place to live but an entire lifestyle under one roof.

The traditional rental experience is redefined here, where everything is taken care of. No more worrying about utility bills, as the rent is all-inclusive*. Step into a world of comfort where amenities are at your disposal. With seven floors dedicated to providing extra space, you can indulge in wining, dining, working, relaxing, and playing without limitations.

Choose from a range of studio options: cosy, comfy, or roomy, and for those seeking more privacy, there are 1-bedroom apartments available too. The interiors of each unit are designed to perfection with three different color palettes to suit your personal style – whether you prefer a scandinavian-style retreat, classic elegance, or a vibrant pad.

As you ascend the floors, breathtaking views await. The apartments span from the 4th to the 46th floor, with three additional floors dedicated to amenity spaces. The sense of awe experienced from the top floors is truly unforgettable.

Immerse yourself in the exclusive Enclave experience. Co-work areas, fitness suites, a resident bar lounge, and wellness zones are just a taste of the abundance of amenities available. The only exception is the spa, which requires an additional membership.

Luxury, convenience, and a vibrant community converge at Enclave: Croydon. Come and discover a new era of living that exceeds all expectations. (Please note: Utilities, WiFi, and Council tax bills will be added to the rental price, ranging from £300-£350 depending on the unit secured).

*Additional fees may apply.