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Cicada Innovations has recently unveiled the 23 startups that will participate in this year’s highly anticipated Cicada xTech23 event, scheduled to take place next month. These startups were meticulously selected from a robust pool of more than 143 applications submitted nationwide. Covering five distinct categories, these innovative ventures seek to address complex challenges and offer innovative solutions for the future.

Among the impressive lineup is Aquila, a wireless charging startup that recently secured an impressive $2 million in funding. Another standout is Alt. Leather, a groundbreaking concept that offers a plant-based fabric alternative with the backing of Tesla chair, Robyn Denholm. Also featured are Stralis Aircraft, a manufacturer specializing in green hydrogen-fueled aircraft, and Zondii, an authentication app focused on food and fiber, which was recognized with the prestigious Startup Daily Best in Tech award for Best Regional Startup.

The event will revolve around five overarching themes. “Built Environment Reimagined” aims to reshape the way we view and interact with our surroundings. “Shifting the Mindset of Medicine” focuses on transforming healthcare through revolutionary ideas. “Fortifying Industrial Futures” tackles the challenges of future industries head-on. “Resilient Farming and Food Systems” explores sustainable practices for the agricultural sector. Lastly, “A Waste-Free World” encourages startups to develop solutions for a more sustainable future.

Cicada xTech23 is set to be Australia’s largest gathering dedicated to deep tech innovation. The event, scheduled for Wednesday, August 7, will bring together a diverse range of attendees, including entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, industry leaders, academics, and government representatives. Sally-Ann Williams, CEO of Cicada Innovations, emphasized the importance of shifting the national mindset from a “silos” approach to a “systems” approach in tackling future challenges. This event serves as a platform for collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas that will contribute to building a stronger economy and a brighter future.