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Plans for East London Wild Swimming Pond Gain Massive Public Support

Plans to transform a disused Thames Water depot in East London into a wild swimming pond have received an incredible amount of public backing. With a petition opposing an alternative development surpassing 10,000 signatures, it is evident that the proposal has struck a chord with the community.

The campaign group behind the initiative, East London Waterworks Park (ELWP), aims to create what they describe as a “brownfield rainforest” on the site off Lea Bridge Road. To fund the purchase of the land, ELWP has already raised an impressive £500,000 through a crowdfunding campaign, with numerous supporters contributing to the cause.

However, their vision faced a potential setback when local London boroughs expressed their intention to build a “secure children’s home” on the same site. Swift to respond, ELWP’s team of dedicated volunteers quickly organized a petition, which has now surpassed the significant milestone of 10,000 signatures.

ELWP spokesperson voiced their gratitude for the overwhelming support received, stating that it highlights the public’s keen interest in the future of the land and the widespread backing for the creation of East London Waterworks Park. With the recent news that Walthamstow Wetlands has welcomed over three million visitors, supporters believe that the creation of new wetlands in the area could benefit millions of Londoners.

Despite the challenges ahead, ELWP remains optimistic about their ability to deliver opportunities for inclusive open-water swimming, providing a much-needed natural oasis in the heart of East London. With such massive public support, the campaign is clearly making waves and raising hope for a greener, wilder future in the city.