forward earth, an innovative sustainability software company, has secured €3.2 million in funding to redefine how businesses globally tackle complex environmental regulations. Led by prominent investors like Speedinvest, Revent, Lucid Capital, the EU, and renowned entrepreneurs Anna Alex and Benedikt Franke, this funding round marks a significant milestone for the future of environmentally responsible practices.

According to Dr. Dr. Micha Schildmann, the visionary founder and CEO of forward earth, the urgent need to decarbonize has become a crucial regulatory requirement for companies worldwide. Despite this, the majority of businesses still struggle to fully understand their environmental impact, particularly within their supply chains. Forward earth aims to bridge this gap by simplifying and automating the painstaking process of compliance, enabling hundreds of companies to meet stringent environmental standards effortlessly.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, forward earth’s software offers a comprehensive and intuitive platform that grants businesses clear visibility into their environmental footprint. This innovative solution not only empowers companies to evaluate and reduce their carbon emissions but also ensures ethical sourcing and responsible waste management throughout the supply chain.

The funding secured by forward earth will support the company in further refining and expanding its cutting-edge software. With the growing importance of sustainability in the global business landscape, forward earth is poised to revolutionize environmental compliance, fostering a greener and more sustainable future for all.